The green pins represent UHF repeaters and the red pins VHF. The map itself can be zoomed in or out and it’s position can be changed by clicking and dragging.

***** Programming note. VERY IMPORTANT! *****

The TX and RX frequencies shown on this map are using the same convention as Brandmeister where the RX frequency is the RX of the repeater itself and the TX frequency is the TX of the repeater as well. This is backward to the way we are used to seeing it.

As and example, lets look at N5VGK in Tupelo. The TX shows 444.9500 so you’d enter 444.9500 in the “RX” side of your radio (Repeater TX > Your Radio RX). The repeater transmits on 444.9500 so your radio would need to receive it on that frequency. And the RX of the repeater is 449.9500 so your radio would have to tramsmit on 449.9500 for the repeater to hear you. Don’t let this trip you up while programming. If you need help or have any questions use the contact page and drop us a note.

*The information on this page is as accurate as of the date it was added. Obviously things change so please let us know if you find an error.